How to Verify Facebook Account Full Working Trick 2017

How To Verify Facebook Account Trick 2017 Step By Step- Hello friends my name is Sarbjeet and today I will tell you how to Verify your Facebook account, Create Full Verify Facebook Account, Are you also looking for how to verify the Facebook account? If yes then in this post I will tell you how to verify Facebook post easiest way.
It is very valuable to make a Facebook Verified account and Facebook is not giving more value to normal account compare to verified account.Today I will show you the easiest way to make a Facebook verified account.Then this will so easy for you to make Facebook verified account.
Facebook only ask you to verify your ID when someone report to your ID and if you are not following the rules of Facebook and then only Facebook ask for your ID.And how to open locked account you will see in this post.So, here I will tell you a Facebook trick to Verify your account 2017.

What is Facebook verify account and advantage?

If you have verified your Facebook account then no one can block your Facebook ID And this will help you to secure your account.Facebook will give you more value compared to a regular account.I am thinking that whole Facebook account to be verified and this is too easy to verify your Facebook ID I will tell you step by step.
  • No one can block your Facebook account and if you are using a regular ID then your enemy can easily report your ID and Your account can be Block easily.
  • You can send Unlimited Friend Request and your ID will not be Blocked.
  • If you will do spam then your ID will Block.
  • Feature Action (Like, Comment, Posting Or Sharing) Will not be Blocked.
  • If you are trying to block someone id then your ID will not be Blocked.
I hope you have read the all the feature of Facebook verified account So let’s start I will tell you how to verify your Facebook account.

How to Verify Facebook Account Full Working Trick 2017

To Verify Facebook account you have to read all the steps carefully to Verify Facebook account.

Create Facebook Account With This Method For Facebook Account Verification

  • You have to go to and you have to create a new account.
  • To create a new Facebook account Click on Create New Account.
  • Now they will ask you your ID name which is presented on your Government card.In India, we have: – Aadhar Card, CNIC Card, Voter ID Card & School & College Certificate
  • Then on next page, they will ask you your Mobile number and E-mail address, now keep in mind that mobile number is not be used on other ID.
  • Now you have to put the Birth Date and you have to put that Birth Date which is on your Government ID.
  • Then, You have to put your Gender and here you can put male or Female.
  • Now you have to put the strong password which helps you to secure your account and after that click on “Sing In” button
  • And after that, they will send OTP on your registered “Email Address & Mobile Number
And this how you have to make the account to verify your Facebook account and now to verify Facebook ID you have to give your GOVT Card number and now I will tell you how to block on Facebook and then I will tell you how to submit Government proofs.

Trick To Block Facebook Account For Confirm Facebook Account

And next is how to Block Facebook account? There are a lot of methods are available to Block Facebook account and now I will tell you 2 method if the 1st one is not working then try another method.

Method -1

  • 1st you have to create a new Facebook page and to create a new Facebook Page you have to Click on Create A Facebook Page
  • Now they will ask you to write a page name then you have to write “YOUR NAME” now you have to write your name in CAPITAL and in category section, you have to select “Local Business” and after that, you have to create on “Get Started“.
  • And in next Category, you have to select Local Business and in next step, you have to click again and again so now your account will be Blocked.

Method -2

  • First of all Join any Facebook Group or you can create your own Facebook Group.
  • After joining the group go to http://adfly and post on group 2-3 times and after that, you will see an error and your account will be blocked.
This is the latest method of 2017 “How to Block Facebook account” and to verify your Facebook account and you have to Block your account and this is the updated and latest method of 2017 and in the last method, I will tell you “How to submit Government Proofs“.

How to Submit Govt Proof Issue ID For Facebook Identity Verification

Now your Facebook ID is blocked and now you have to submit your Government Proof you will get a full guide and you have to follow all the steps carefully steps are given bellow.
  • Go to play store and search for FLY VPN and install the app
  • And now open the application and you have to select Spain 01 Proxy Server and connect to this server.
  • Now you have to click on Confirm Facebook Identity which is given below.
  • And now you have to take the photo of your GOVT ID and submit to Facebook and you have to click the image like that they can see your Date of Birth and Your name.
Now new page will be open and you can see the screenshot given below and now your ID card is submitted and now Facebook will contact you Via SMS or they will send you an E-mail address and after uploading the new page will be open and you have to copy that URL and save to notepad or anywhere and after 4-8 HR you have to open the link again and you have to see whether your Facebook ID is verified or not.
The Facebook review will be like this you can see down

         Hi Sarbjeet,  Thanks For Verifying Your Identity. We’ve Unlocked Your Account, And You Should Now Be 
                                  Able To Log Back In. We’re Sorry For The Inconvenience.
            If You Have Any Problems Getting Back Into Your Account, Please Let Us Know.

So, Friends, this is the trick to verify your Facebook account 2017 and if you follow this steps carefully then you can easily verify your Facebook account.
In conclusion, we hope you like this post and learn How to Verify Facebook account. In case you face any problem regarding this topic please let us know in comments below.Make sure to comment if you facing any problem.

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