'Teen in Critical Condition' Shocking Video Facebook Scam

Yet another 'shocking video' scam is currently gaining momentum on Facebook. This version, which features a teaser image depicting a naked and obviously distressed young woman, claims that the 'girl is in critical condition after being forced to do this'. The image includes a 'play' icon, which implies that, if you click, you will be able to see what exactly the girl was forced to do.

But, like many others of its ilk, the post is just a trick to get you to spam your friends and participate in bogus online offers.

If you succumb to temptation and click, you will be taken to a fake Facebook Page that claims that you must first share and like before you can see the promised video. Via this ruse, the scammers ensure that the fraudulent message is seen by an ever-widening audience. And, by sharing and liking, you are expose all of your Facebook friends to the scam.

And, even after you do share and like as instructed, you will still not get to see the video. Instead, a popup window will appear that claims that you click a link and participate in an 'offer' to verify that you are at least 13 years old. The message warns rather sternly that you will be banned if you give false information on the offer pages (see screenshot at bottom of article). 

The offer pages may try to trick you into subscribing to dodgy wallpaper or ringtone 'services' that will charge you a large weekly fee and can be very difficult to unsubscribe from. 

In other cases, the pages may ask you to supply your name, address, and phone numbers, ostensibly as a means of entering various competitions. But, fine print on the page will state that your information will be shared with 'site sponsors' and third-party marketers. Thus, after participating, you may soon begin receiving unwanted marketing phone calls, emails, and surface letters.

Meanwhile, the scammers who created the fake video page will earn commissions each and every time somebody subscribes to a service or fills in an offer form.

And, no matter how many offers you participate in, your claim will remain 'unverified' and you will never get to see the supposed video. In fact, the image featured in the scam posts is taken from unrelated online reports about a an incident that took place in Nigeria in 2012. The woman in the picture was stripped naked by an angry mob after she was caught in an attempted robbery.

Be very wary of any Facebook post that promises to show you shocking or salacious video and claims that you must share and like the message and participate in surveys or offers. This type of scam is very common on Facebook. Note also that some versions of these scams try to trick people into downloading malware disguised as video player updates or other 'free' software.

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